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Carry Your Pair
Space Conscious
Keep your space fresh and organized with our innovative solution for backpacks and small spaces.
Activated Carbon
Cloth Filter
Odopac's breathable activated carbon cloth eliminates unpleasant odors instead of masking the problem.
Your Stuff Will
Thank You
Help keep your belongings fresh for longer periods of time when your favorite shoes are not on your feet.
By Rock Climbers,
For Everyone
We found first hand that rock climbing shoes can ruin backpacks and contaminate valuable space. Other shoes can too, so we decided to do something about it.

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A Little Proof
“I use it every single day and have been very happy with it! Recommended it to all my friends!”
- Tyler R.
“My wife and I use one every time we go climbing to the gym which is around 3x a week”
- James K.
“I work from home so my climbing shoes are in the car. It has definitely helped my car smell better.”
- Allie R.
“Great product! I’m a big fan of packing cubes, so when I travel, I treat the odopac like another”
- Barbara L.
“Helps me go from the climbing gym to class without the funk.”
- Andrew S.