Made for climbers –
    by climbers    

Made for climbers – by climbers    

We are dedicated climbers who know the struggle of what climbing shoe odor can do to backpacks, cars, and other spaces. Helping climbers from this contamination is our core mission for two reasons; personal hygiene, and reduce the amount of backpacks and bags that become ruined and are thrown away.

It can be very energy intense to make a product, so we designed the odopac to last for years through carbon cloth reactivation. Odopac will protect your gear for years and help reduce the amount of gear bags climbers are forced to throw away.
Dillon Moody
As a former Team Texas and Team USA competition rock climber, Dillon traveled to rock climbing competitions across North America for 8 years with his shoes strapped to a backpack. While competing in both bouldering and speed climbing, his daily practice commutes to home gym Canyons and the Summit gyms in Dallas were burdened by foul climbing shoes. After placing at The IFSC Youth World Competition in Speed Climbing he went on to study Sustainability at The University of Texas at Austin. Dillon created the odopac in 2019 to help climbers with their stank shoes, and has been on a mission to help climbers commute sustainably ever since.
Michael Johnston
A casual climbing enthusiast and designer, MJ tries to make this website fun and true to odopac. If you don't like this site, keep it to yourself...he's sensitive. If you do like it, you'll enjoy an odopac even more. So here's a button to get one.