odopac – medium

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Size Guide (Up to size)




US: 6
Euro: 36
US: 7
Euro: 40
US: 8
Euro: 38
US: 9
Euro: 42
US: 12
Euro: 43
- The size chart is based off average athletic running shoes. We recommend sizing up for thick soled or high top shoes.
US: 14
EURO: 47
It Works!
But How Does It
Odor Filtering
Activated carbon cloth is a highly porous material that is treated with oxygen to create tiny holes between the carbon atoms. These holes, known as pores, are what make activated carbon cloth so effective for odor filtration.

When air passes through the cloth, the pores trap and absorb the molecules that cause unpleasant odors. This process effectively removes odors from the air, leaving it fresh and clean.
Sustainable Design
Activated carbon cloth is a natural and chemical-free solution for odor filtration, making it safe and environmentally friendly.

Also, using an odopac reduces the amount of high quality bags from being thrown away due to odor contamination.
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"Take care of your climbing shoes and they'll take care of you.

This smart bag is lined with a layer of activated carbon cloth that pulls stank and moisture from your shoes.”