odopac – small

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US: 10
Euro: 40
US: 8.5
Euro: 41
US: 12.5
Euro: 43
US: 11
Euro: 44
Any shoe size or 2 pairs of small.
It works!
“I use it every single day and have been very happy with it! Recommended it to all my friends!”
- Tyler R.
“My wife and I use one every time we go climbing to the gym which is around 3x a week”
- James K.
“I work from home so my climbing shoes are in the car. It has definitely helped my car smell better.”
- Allie R.
“Great product! I’m a big fan of packing cubes, so when I travel, I treat the odopac like another”
- Barbara L.
“Helps me go from the climbing gym to class without the funk.”
- Andrew S.
But how does it
Activated Carbon Cloth
Carbon cloth grabs odor molecules through a process known as adsorption. Adsorption filters organic compounds when air passes through the cloth.

Breathability is key, for making the problem go away, not making it worse like shoving your shoes in a plastic bag to protect your clothes (we’ve been there).
Sustainable Design
Once your odopac has reached its carrying capacity, it can be heated to release the captured molecules.

This will reactivate almost all odor filtering capabilities and only needs to be done about once a year!
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"Take care of your climbing shoes and they'll take care of you.

This smart bag is lined with a layer of activated carbon cloth that pulls stank and moisture from your shoes.”