We're not just a shoe bag company, we're a lifestyle, free from the tyranny of bad smells.

Athletes and travelers alike experience the headaches shoe odor can cause. Yet the problem still is widely unsolved. So we thought to ourselves - Why not make an easy to use solution with the highest quality materials? After years of testing and iterations, we did just that.

Dillon Moody

As a former competition rock climber for Team Texas and Team USA, Dillon traveled across North America for 8 years to compete in bouldering and speed climbing competitions. During his daily commutes to the Summit gyms in Dallas TX, he was going through high quality (and high priced) backpacks and gym bags, burdened by his awful-smelling climbing shoes.

While studying Sustainability at The University of Texas at Austin, Dillon created and developed the odopac. Ever since, he has been on a mission to help people enjoy sustainable odor-free travel and commuting.

Michael Johnston

A casual climbing enthusiast and web designer, MJ tries to make this website fun and true to odopac. If you don't like this site, keep it to yourself...he's sensitive. If you do like it, you'll enjoy an odopac even more. So here's a button to get one.